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Thursday, 26-Mar-2009 07:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sembang-sembang pasal business.... esok midvalley TONY ROMA'S

Tomorrow, friday 27 march 09 at tONY ROMA'S Mid Valley, KL... at 3pm .. have a 'date' with a friend of mine..who just started an online business...will have nice chit chat with her about home based online bussiness... so to those interested to join us... feel free to drop by around 2 to 4pm. Anything can sms me at this no 013-3405321. Sorry for this late notice...tq


Sunday, 22-Feb-2009 13:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How to start online bussiness & earned good salary out of it

My new product
" How to start online bussiness from home & earned good salary out of it" ...surely u have come across this kind of statement do I really earned 'GOOD' salary from my online bussiness...ehemmm... wish I could share that info with sorry I cant
i'm still in bussiness, yess of course, and have my own target and priority in life. since I dont expect everyone to understand that......I think I rather not to discuss about my salary figure with everyone here...if you ask answer would be : " cukuplah untuk family dan anak2...alhamdulillah"

The purpose of this writeup is ....

Received this short email from a friend ..

" nak tanya bisness wedding planner still ? dah lama nak write to you as I am so interested with your business as a wedding planner. Let me be honest, I actually nak sgt tahu pasal wedding planning business ni and really need your help on - where to start, what do I need etc.."

I think this is not the 1st time I received an email like this. Also got many asking me about how did I start an online bussiness and survived... Now days mmg ramai yg venture in online bussiness but most of them doing it part time not full time and cant find the right time and the right way to do it; i a point where they can actually rely on the bussiness as their fix income, and doing it full time.

I started doing this 5 years ago... has been 5 years.. up n down. Nak kata berjaya menjadi jutawan internet ... belum lagi rasanyer... but i have i own plan and I think I'm at the right level for now. Alhamdulillah...tapi masih jauh perjalanan. be at this stage and to make sure its going further 'up' not 'down' requires more effort and hard work. Its never been easy and I think it never will be... .

For exapmple baru2 nie di approach untuk buat marketing for a new product..mula2 mmg tak berminat.. niat hanya nak membantu ( since its my own aunty yg approach me )..but after a while, nampak mcm good prospect, so I decided to go ahead with this new line ... selling a nutrition food..alpha lipid. After a month...its getting better and better...and know I have to stay focus only to this 2 main ( Shajaratul Design ) and Alpha Lipid.
As I said have to stay focus..

Ramai yang pikir..seronoknya dapat duduk rumah dengan anak2.. buat kerja yg kita suka...duit masuk hari2...kayo eden!....haahahahahaha . yg itu masuk skim cepat kaya bleh lerrr...

Mungkin sebab ramai yg pikir macam ni yg membuatkan semuanya jadi hangat2 tahi ayam... once they know the reality of the bussiness world..they give up. Mana ada 'short cut' nak berjaya dlm bussiness...semua mmg kena 'merangkak' dulu...dari bawah dan slowly you'll reach your target. How long will it takes to get there ? ..ermmm... up to you dear..

It triggers me...will it helps if I actually explain to them the tricks, the do and donts.. maybe not to all.. . Masa shaja nak mula bussiness dulu... the hardest part was to get support from everyone around me. To have someone to guide me... correct me when I'm wrong and help me to find the 'right way'. A mentor..and luckily I have one. And she said...nanti bila ada masa someone come to you and ask for your guidence...and you think she's worth helping... so its your turn to help..please help her. Thats how it works... semua kejadian yg berlaku perlu ada pusingannya... cuma kadang2 rasa belum cukup ilmu pun nak guide org kena siapkan diri dulu...

I hope I do give 'strength' to others to start bussiness online and survive. One day... insyallah we will have an open discussion about this...I will help those who really wanna make a change in their life...its not easy and 'pretty' but there a way if you strong enough to take the challenge. In other way.. I will only help you only if you wanna help yourself.

For a start.... pleaseeee... do some research before you go into something ... read .. surf... survey..look around... and learn from others and read somemore! . Sgt tidak suka org yg harapkan semua nak disuap!...conform tak kemana2..

Once I have a proper time and venue... insyallah... will have this ' talk/discussion '. Like I said to Fathinz ( owner ( ), seronok gak dapat lepak2 dgn kengkawan ( esp yg sekepala ) dan bercerita pasal bussiness nie kan... Sekrg nie masih dalam cuti berpantang....baru tadi kali pertama masuk kedai .. jumpa client ( by appmnt ). Thank you Linda, Umi n Zurin for coming... Itupun terasa macam letih gak badan..kena tunggu 44 hari dulu rasanyer baru boleh bergerak kesana kemari... .

Kepada yg ada pernah menghantar email bertanyerkan perkara yg sama... tunggu my next update here..will let you know.Maaf kalau tak dpt membantu sgt dlm keadaan day insyallah. Appreciate it. till then.. take care everyone...and please visit my website for more updates/articles on wedding. Thank you for all your support !


Please visit my website for more new items...thank you.

Tuesday, 10-Feb-2009 08:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Looking for beautiful candles...visit

Salam hi to all viewers.....

I'm bringing a lot more new stuff now....if you've been eying for nice2 candles in US website..I have them here... ..just visit my website and take a peek...and do spread the news ya.... tq !

Comes with a box & ribbon just like the one in the pic ( size :2.75"x 2.5"x 1.5" )
Min order 20pcs

Comes with a clear gift box + tag and ribbon ..just like in the pic ( box size : 3" x 3" )
Min order 20pcs

For more product and pricing detail please refer to :


Thursday, 5-Feb-2009 06:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New member of Shajaratul Design

Salam and Hi to all,

Alhamdulillah, pd 19 January 2009, jam 11:31pm, Shaja selamat melahirkan anak ke3 kami , Shazatul Alya bt Arief Zaki ... May Allah bless her with all the good things in life...Ummi and Abah welcome you in the family and we love you so much.

And let me introduce you to all my friends ..... my 'heaven' ( meaning of Alya )...

Thursday, 5-Feb-2009 05:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark

New favors collection

Something practical...

Cute boxes....and cost less than RM1 !

For your special guest...english rose bowl with handle

For pricing detail and more choices of gifts/favors , please visit My Album at

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