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Fondant Cake

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Salam n good day to all...

Recently I came across one blog on wedding planning ( in US n UK ) . Best baca article2 tu...and thinking of doing the same also. Share with everyone my opinion on all the things related to wedding ...from the planning to the event itself...Insya Allah...

So.. today since ada gambar cake fondant yg nak di sharekan..... we talk about CAKE...

Wedding Cake...
Normally for a malay wedding, we normally have two to be given as one of the hantaran during Nikah ( not necessarily ) and another one for Reception ( Cake cutting ceremony ).

Why Fondant ?
Fondant Cake is a hard icing cake and we like it because it looks the best.Fondant cake can also taste as nice as it looks or sometimes its only a plain butter cake inside.Up to you to decide..

Fruit cake or prune/walnut cake is better ..why ? reason being, it tasty..and fruit cake maintain the shape nicely....kalau guna cake yg tak ada bhn2 dlmnyer.. bila kita letak lapisan icing fondant yg quite heavy..nanti surface fondant tu tak smooth..berlopak2..hehehe..sebab cake dlmnyer too soft...( boleh makan tau fondant nie...rasa mcm chewing gum ..sticky dan manis giler..) still butter cake is good enough if you wish to minimz the cost...

talking about the cost...normally they are charging more than RM150 for each( standand 1-2kg ). Depends on the type of cake n also the flowers.Why so expensive ????bcoz....the ingrediant is expensive and its NOT EASY to do...i've tried once and I dont think I'm willing to do it again.hehehhe...lecehhhh dari buat bunga dip ok ! . So thats one good reason y it cost that much...because u need skills for it. A very good one ! .

If u need 3 tiers fondant cake ( real cake ) for reception, u might spent more than RM1K for that (also depends on the design n sizes ). U can opt for dummy cake....ermmmm....DUMMY CAKE ? how dummy is it...ermmmm...they replace the cake with polysterin..thats all. Still using fondant icing but that fondant you cannot eat laaaa....sebab dah keraaaassss dan dah lama. hehehehe.

For your information....most hotels only provide Dummy Fondant Cake in their wedding package. or two hotels give 1 layer real cake..the rest dummy cake. Only 1 small portion is real cake , just enough for the couples to taste it during the cutting time ( acara suap menyuap .. )
They used the same cake in all wedding reception...kira mcm recycled gitu..only change the deco on top hehehe...but as far as I concerned. ALL dummy cakes look very2 nice in the PICTURE !!! . So dont worry if u are facing one soon.. more over its included in the package its FOC. Even if its real cake....sometimes it is wasted after the that time all guest too full already i think dummy cake should be considered as a good option. Right ? But if u have the budget for a real cake...why not !

.If you surf on the net, western wedding normally used fondant cake with fresh flowers. Actually fresh flowers cost cheaper and much easier to do compare to the hard icing flower.Still it need to be done to the last minute , since its FRESH ! . This is hard icing flower..u can easily get this from the Bakery nowadays.

If its a small function with 100 - 400 guests, and its buffet....a nice 3 tiers wedding cake will give extra credit. You can share it with everyone...let the caterer know about this they can help u to distribute the cake to your guest. I've done that once..people seems to appreciate that.

Ermmmm.....let me share with you guys some picture of fondant cake.

This cake is for hantaran...

This is Fresh flowers fondant cake ( Choffles )

This picture I found from the search engine...its using fresh flowers..the same flower I used for the previous entry in hantaran...sgt2 cantik ini Cake

( let me know if u happens to know the source , i cant remember where i get the pic from )

So I hope this info will help some of you to decide on your wedding cake...enjoy searching for the one that u like !....happy planning.

And if you a topic that u wish me to write something about me and I'll try my best to help. Any topic related to wedding should be ok. Just write to me :

ok ya... till next article.....take care everyone !


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